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Mark and Becky Potterbaum,  2018

Shortly after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, ARC American, Inc, a storm recovery power company, was contracted to help rebuild the destroyed power grid and hired Mark as a consultant. Being true to their generous nature, ARC owners wanted to do something greater on the island and asked Mark to help develop strategies that could be impactful in the long-term recovery. It soon became clear to us (Mark and Becky) that to do our job effectively it would necessitate our family relocating. So on December 31st, 2017 along with our 3 children still at home and the family dog, we made Puerto Rico our new home.
Eventually the company’s contract ended and we were faced with the decision of leaving the island or staying on as missionaries to continue pursuing the vision we were given for Puerto Rico. We chose to stay.

Since fall 2017, we've had the privilege of developing relationships with numerous organizations around the island. And working together with leaders we have begun to implement a plan: to connect these amazing PR groups with many amazing,  giving communities in North America and around the world.  These leaders are working long-term in their communities to transform lives and make lasting changes for the better. And there is a plan within the plan. It is a plan with intention and purpose - It is a model that creates beautiful and lasting results.

When you leave, you can rest assured that the focus will continue.

Stay in touch through social media and come back again soon to visit your new friends in PR!